jordon silva mix

professional mixing and mastering for independent artists


Not Finished Yet - Marquee Grand (Pop-Rock)
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Catalina - Radio Racer (Pop-Punk)
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Let it Begin - Sabotage Soundsytem (Reggae Rock)
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Everyday - Adam Townsend (Folk)
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Pointless Games - Sundown Superhero (Pop-Punk)
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Slinky Strut - Lenny Castro (Funk)
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Waltz Of The Traitor - Aly Aleigha (Folk/Worship)
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Mountain - Maggie Szabo (Pop)
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No Rush - J Nez (Island Dance)
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(Clients are artists that Jordon has worked with in some capacity in the studio) 

Kelly Clarkson

The Avett Brothers



Jamie Cullum

Yellow Red Sparks

Maroon 5

Smokey Robinson

The Bunny Gang

Flogging Molly


Brandi Carlile

State Radio

Leona Lewis

Tom Morello


Rickie Lee Jones

Ned Evett


Lenny Castro

Chad Smith


Vance Joy

Ariana Grande

Forest Blakk




Jordon Silva

Jordon has been a part of the music industry for over 10 years working as an engineer for many  major label and independent artist.

"I'm a big believer in getting the final sound for a record during the recording process by taking the time to sculpt the right sound in the control room. I find it elevates the artists performance to ensure we capture the best take and make the song the best it can be.

I love a huge sound with everything being audible within the mix; with lots of movement with fader rides to make the song exciting and building up all the way to the end. If I'm not rocking out and looking like an idiot while mixing behind the console, then it's not there yet!"